Updated: Jun 12, 2020

One day, after finishing college in Dominican Republic in 2015, I remember talking to myself and saying that I would never work in banking. Fast Forward to November 2017, relocated to USA; no job, no income and determined to find a corporate job right away. I was determined not to work in the food industry so my first day living in United States I spend almost 3 hours updating my resume and applying to marketing and finance jobs. I did this for two weeks nonstop, including a Bank that was in the corner of my house, (remember i said i didnt want to work in banking).

After going to many interviews in New York and New Jersey, mostly marketing related, I realized that being a sales person wasn't my thing even though I consider myself very good at selling basically anything.

Two weeks went by and I get an email from that bank from the corner, located in a beautiful old school building, similar to those we see in movies offering a teller position. I was confident in that interview. The manager at the time said: "Our competition is not another bank, is Apple, Amazon.. tech companies are our competition" and as soon as he mentioned that I was hooked! Banking and Technology? YES!. I accepted that offer.

"BANK EZ, because banking should be simple" is something that im really passionate about. I've helped a lot of my friends improve their credit score, open new accounts and ive recommeded things that really work for their situation and their personality. So I hope you guys enjoy the topics I talk about in here, ask all the questions that you need and i promise i will get you a fast and simple answer. If you really believe I can do more for you, then definetely let me become your money coach.

I will not tell you what to do or how to do it, we will figure it out together based on your personality, your likes and dislikes, so this is what BANK EZ really is about: personalized banking and finance tips to make you feel empower of your own money.

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